Dr. Navin Kumar

Prof. Incharge

Principal's Message

You have come forward from small sphere of school to larger sphere of college. This new sphere of environment will be foundation of your future life. The students who observe the responsibility towards study following the established instructions must be a successful citizen and coming days will be theirs.
This prestigious college of Nalanda district is regularly striving for overall development of boys & girls students.
We expect from all of you that you will endeavour to brave; yourselves asper great traditions of this college.
We hope and expect from all of you that :---

  • You will be present regularly in the class and atleast will ensure 75% attendance.
  • This college is yours, safeguard the assets and beauty of the college.
  • Do not enter into the office of the principal and department’s office without permission.
  • Take your sit of the class before starting of the class.
  • Enter into the running class with permission of the professor
  • Do not assemblein the corridor unnecessary.
  • Observe the ethical duty towards Co-education.
  • Keep identity card always with yourself.
  • A do not any anti-social, Inhuman and immoral behaviour in the college Campus.
  • Make your future and accomplish the dream of your parents being dedicated towards study.

Dear Students, We Wish your prosperous and happiest future.Welcoming, You in this college with this hope and beliefs.